【custom-made】A decorative letter
  • 【custom-made】A decorative letter

    This is a custum-made  white  decolative letter peper cut piece.  The piece is palm size and the will be framed in a white 3D box frame (frame size is H15cm x W15cm x D2.5cm).  It takes 10days working time and shipping date.

    • commission terms and condition

      *  The price includes materials, packing and delivery.

      *  The price does not include international duties, taxes and charges.

      *  Copyright and Reproduction Rights Reserved to the Artist. No copying.

      *  The Artist is not responsible for any delays in delivery time once the Delivery Service.

      *  Risk of Damage or Loss while the artwork is in transit is not the responsibility of the Artist.

      *  If the artwork is to be returned due to damage, then the matter is to be taken up first with the Deliver service provider to claim through insurance.

      *  The Client is responsible for caring for, maintaining and preserving the acquisition. Once the artwork has arrived in its original condition and in the Client’s possession, the Artist is not held responsible for any damage there afterwards that is a result of poor preservation of the work. The Artist is not responsible for the weather and the damage weather conditions and environment can do to artwork. It is the Client who is responsible to obtain and apply suitable protection methods.

      *  The Artist is not responsible for the damage or deterioration of the supports on which the work is on as all due care is taken to use Artist quality and high standard professional materials.

      *  The Client is to be aware that mediums and materials may deteriorate over time (though due
      care by the Artist has been taken to use good quality materials). Be advised that Art is ephemeral and due to pollutants in the air, climate conditions and poor care of work, the work could degrade in quality over time, for example, vibrancy of color if the art piece is exposed to direct sunlight for substantial periods of time

    • cancel condition

      * before I draw the design :  0%

      * after I draw the design  :  30% 

      * after start cuttging ( not send out the piece ) : 80%

      * after send out the piece : 100%